Sauce Satsebeli

The world-famous Georgian sauce satsebeli is sour-sweet taste, thick consistency and spicy flavor – not by chance that he is a fixture in the Georgian feast. This sauce is served not only to char-grilled chicken and kebabs, but also to any meat, fish, rice, pasta, lobio, khachapuri, cheese, vegetable dishes and warm pita bread. This sauce can be prepared on its own, serving hot or cold. Many connoisseurs of sauces after the first tasting become passionate fans of this dish, spicing satsebeli, even ordinary porridge and fried potatoes.

The real Georgian sauce is made from tomatoes, unripe grapes, blackberries, pomegranate juice and walnuts. The structure of the satsebeli includes garlic, cilantro, basil, parsley, bell pepper, saffron, ground hot pepper, salt and sugar. In some recipes of sauce preparation there are nettle, barberry, dill, hops-suneli, onions, dogwood, cherry plum, chicken broth and mint vinegar.

The nutritional value and healing properties of this seasoning depend on its composition. Thanks to the contents of walnuts, grape and pomegranate juice, the sauce is enriched with phosphorus, iron, calcium, B group vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Satsebeli strengthens the immune system, increases efficiency and normalizes metabolism. A significant contribution to the vitamin value of the sauce is made by spices and herbs, especially onions and garlic, which possess bactericidal properties, and cilantro, saturated with carotene and ascorbic acid. In Georgia, satsebeli is considered a source of vitamins and nutrients – probably, therefore, there are so many long-livers in this country.

How to cook satsebeli

Grind in a blender 0.5 kg of fresh tomatoes and 100 g of walnuts and one onion, finely chop the bundle of cilantro. Add to the mixture 2 finely chopped garlic cloves, a little adjika, salt and hot pepper. We carefully mix the sauce and serve it on the table with your favorite dishes!

In the satsebeli, tomato paste is allowed instead of tomatoes – preferably of own preparation. In some recipes it is recommended to knead cilantro with garlic and seasonings, while 2-3 drops of vinegar can be added to enhance the flavor. After making the sauce, try it, and if it seems a little sour, sweeten with sugar.

ready-made sauce and vegetables on a tray

Bon appetit!

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