Azerbaijani dolma

The Azerbaijani dolma

Dolma – the dish that is stuffed with vegetables or leaves (usually grape), cabbage rolls in grape leaves. The filling is usually cooked on the basis of rice, can also contain boiled minced meat. It is widely distributed in the kitchens of the peoples of Transcaucasia.

There are many different recipes of dolma. Each nation has its own recipe, subtleties and cunning preparations. We bring to your attention the recipe of the Azerbaijani dolma in grape leaves.


  • lamb – 1 kg;
  • kurdyuk (fat tail) – a small piece;
  • onion – 3 pcs;
  • round rice – 150 g;
  • vine leaves canned – 40-50 pcs;
  • cilantro greens – large bundle;
  • dill greens – small bundle;
  • fresh mint – small bundle;
  • black pepper;
  • salt, zira.

How to cook dolma?

With the help of axes or sharp heavy knives finely chop the meat – chopped meat is juicier compared to forcemeat (so that the meat does not stick, wet tools with hot water).

Chopped meat

Finely chop the fat tail, onions and greens. Mix with chopped meat, add washed rice, salt and spices. Pour half a cup of boiled water, or meat broth. Mix thoroughly.

We make stuffing

Rinse the leaves well.

Lay the bottom and walls of the pan grape leaves. Fold the dolma, as shown in the photo.

Form the dolma. Step 1

Form the dolma. Step 2

Form the dolma. Step 3

Form the dolma. Step 4

Form the dolma. Step 5

We lay dolma layers, pour boiling water so that the water covers the for 2-3 cm. Put a plate on top, this is necessary so that does not move during cooking and does not unfold. Close the pan with a lid.

lay the dolma

Put on medium heat and wait for the boil. To slightly open the lid and cook for 40-45 minutes.

When it is ready, turn off the fire, leave it for 5 minutes, then carefully get and put it on the dish.

Before serving dolma can be sprinkled with chopped herbs, served better with creamy garlic sauce.

Dolma is ready

   Bon Appetit!

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