Trout is a very delicious and delicate dish, which perfectly fits as the main one. The complexity of its preparation is average, but the result will certainly surprise you and your guests with its very pleasant taste.

Imagine yourself in Azerbaijan. Although in this country the Norwegian trout is not usual, we will be able to cook it in Azerbaijani, using special seasonings and pine nuts. The taste is amazing!


– norwegian trout;

– cinnamon – 1 tsp;

– ground ginger – 1 tsp;

– peeled cedar nuts – handfuls;

– olive oil;

– lemon – few slices;

– salt – about 1 tsp;

How to cook trout?

Grind the nuts into gruel, add cinnamon, ginger.

Mixture of ground nuts and seasonings

Salt, olive oil.

Add olive oil


Mixture of ground nuts, condiments and olive oil

Make a few cuts on the fish about 1 cm (cuts are needed so that spices during cooking soaked the fish).

Prepare fish

Grate the mixture with fish – inside and outside.

Grate fish with a mixture of seasonings

In the notches you can put several whole pine nuts.

Add Nuts

Inside the fish – several slices of lemon.

Trout with lemon

To turn in foil.

To turn in foil

Cook 45-50 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.

Trout is ready

Bon Appetit!