Georgian lavash (pita)

This is a product of national Georgian cuisine. This national dish is a kind of visiting card of the Caucasus. Skilfully cooked, Georgian lavash turns out magnificent, with a crisp crust and fragrant flesh.

Georgian lavash is a soft yeast cake, which must be eaten fresh. After all, its special taste and aroma can be assessed only after baking. The secret of the taste of Georgian bread is the cooking, which takes place in a special oven.

The correct Georgian lavash is baked in a special oven. This oven is a huge pot of clay, bricked and tilted. During cooking, the fire is constantly maintained. The piece of dough is placed (adheres) to the back wall of the oven and baked for about ten minutes. To get a crisp, it is necessary during the cooking to sprinkle it with water. A real Georgian lavash is simply delicious! It is accepted to eat freshly prepared with cheese, milk, greens, wine. Lavash in Georgian can be used as a basis for other dishes. For example, bake with a meat or cheese filling – it will be even tastier!

Be sure to eat lavash on the first day of cooking, otherwise it loses all its feature. Georgian bread is present on the table during the whole feast, because with it the dishes become even tastier and more satisfying.

The process of cooking Georgian lavash looks like this.

Oven for lavash

Lavash in the real oven

How to cook lavash at home?


  • flour – 300 g;
  • warm water – 200 ml;
  • salt – 1 tsp;
  • sugar – 1 tsp;
  • dry yeast – 1 tsp.

Mix flour, salt, sugar and yeast.

Add warm water and knead the dough.

Cover with a towel and leave for 1 hour.

Hands stretch the dough and form a circle. You can make a hole in the middle of the circle (but not necessarily).

Bake in a preheated 220 degree oven for about 10 minutes until it turns rosy.

Georgian lavash turns soft, porous and fragrant.

Ready lavash

Bon Appetit!

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